Royalty Check - Bumpy Knuckles + KRS-One

CAD $14.99

The project was born out of a chance opportunity for Bumpy Knuckles and KRS-One to work face to face in the studio again. In the technology age, where artists primarily collaborate via digital channels, it’s not often that two MCs of this caliber have a chance to work closely together and feed off of each others creative energy. Listeners will not be disappointed by the result.

Royalty Check Track Listing:
1. Street Poison (Stressed Out)
2. Just You
3. Flowing With the Vets
4. Ghetto Berd
5. HipHop We Love You
6. Never
7. Stand Up (Produced by King Karnov)
8. I’m A Be Back
9. Take Ya Time
10. We Don’t Need Ya
11. Fight For Love
12. Who Is It
13. Change Gears

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